Past Member Bob Fehn Celebration of Life
By Lieutenant Austin LaVigne
August 23, 2023

On August 20, 2023, PM Leal had the pleasure of driving Medic 102 to the Somers Point Volunteer Fire Company in Somers Point, NJ to celebrate the life of life member Bob Fehn. Hosted by his wife, life member Betsey Fehn, his two daughters, past members Alex and Devon, and his two sons Rob and , friends and family gathered in Hawaiian shirts, in true Bob fashion, to pay tribute to a life well lived. At CALS, Bob was known for his quiet demeanor and dry humor but his childhood friends told tales that portrayed a different version of Bob. Our favorite story of the day was hearing about how Bob created a device that cut off radio transmission to near by radio stations and air transmissions. Apparently, officials searched for weeks trying to find the device. In addition to (allegedly) stumping the FAA, he also blew up someone's brand new grill when he was experimenting with his growing technical skills. The day embodied everything that Bob was. Who he loved, the things he loved, and everything he lived for. We were so honored to be able to represent CALS at this beautiful celebration.