CALS Responds to Jumper from TJ Bridge.
By Lieutenant Austin LaVigne
January 13, 2023

At approximately 1656hrs on 01/13/2023 CALS responded to person in the water after jumping off the TJ Bridge in Solomons. Immediately after dispatch units from CALS and surrounding companies marked enroute to the scene. While enroute Calvert Communications advised that the victims was awake and floating on her back beneath the bridge. Zodiac 3 from Solomons VRSFD along with A239 and Rescue Squad 3 arrived on scene and began the task of getting the victim out of the water. Due to the nature of the victims injuries a helicopter was requested to be able to fly the victim to the appropriate level of care at the trauma center. Once the patient was out of the water and in the back of the ambulance immediate care was started. Chief 10 arrived on scene and started to provide ALS care. Life saving interventions were continued as Medic 103 (PMIC Doonan and EMT LaVigne) arrived on scene as the second ALS resource. Crews worked together to get the patient packaged and ready for the transport to the landing zone where MSP Trooper 7 was waiting. Once in the helicopter pt was flown to the MedStar Trauma with PMIC Doonan (M103) on board the helicopter to assist the troopers.

Units: CHF10, M103, Z3, A239, EMS20, CHF20, S3, TPR7
Mutual Aid: CCSO