Busy Day for CALS Members
By Chief of CALS Chris Shannon FTO
July 18, 2022

This past Monday was particularly busy for CALS members. While covering calls in Calvert County several medics (M105 Davis, M101 Doonan, M103 Jones) participated in a "reunification" drill at a local elementary school with the Calvert County Sheriff's office. With recent tragedies in the news the Calvert county Government took the opportunity to test a new "app" for parents and family members to get rapid information updates on their "loved ones". While some of the PMIC's were helping in Calvert two of our members were in St Mary's County helping search for a lost swimmer in the Potomac River with Boat 10. Sadly the search ended late in the afternoon with the child being located in the area where she went missing. Monday was a good example of how you never know what you might get into while at CALS.

Units: M101, M103, M105, Boat 10