Multiple Units come together to Save the Life of a Jumper
By CALS Member
May 12, 2022

At approx 1930 hrs todays date Calvert Communications began receiving calls of a vehicle abandoned on the top of the Thomas Johnson Bridge. Soon after receiving the first 911 call, more calls came in stating that a victim was seen falling from the bridge and could be seen in the water. Immediately units from Solomons VFD, Calvert Sheriffs Office and Maryland DNR Police and the Medic unit were all dispatched to the Thomas Johnson Bridge. Chief 10 was returning from St-Mary's county and was the first unit on the top of the bridge with a Calvert Deputy and confirmed a live person attempting to stay afloat in the water under the bridge. Chief 10 was able to communicate with the subject and attempted to throw a lifejacket to the subject in the water. Units on top of the bridge maintained constant contact with shore and marine based units from both Police and Fire departments and were able to successfully guide a Maryland DNR police boat right to the victim within minutes of the person entering the water. The victim was quickly brought to shore at the Solomons boat ramp where crews from Solomons VFD, CALS, Calvert DES immediately went to work providing lifesaving interventions. CALS M105 (PMIC Carlson, ALS Intern Johnson, EMT Clay) all worked with the crew from PA237 to stabilize the patient. Originally the patient was going to be flown from the Navy Rec center but rapidly deteriorating weather forced the ambulance crew to transport by land to St Mary's airport and the hangar of MSP Trooper 7. Unfortunately the bad weather came into the area too quickly and the crew was forced to divert to St-Mary's hospital for further stabilization.

Units: Squad 3, PA237, Chief 3, Chief10, Chief 20, M105, E31, Boat 3
Mutual Aid: CCSO, Maryland Natural Resources Police