Medics Respond to Another Attempted Suicide on the Thomas Johnson Bridge
By Chief of CALS Chris Shannon FTO
February 19, 2022

At approximately 1600 hrs today, Calvert 911 started to receive phone calls of a subject that had jumped from the Thomas Johnson Bridge in Solomons. Units from Solomons VFD, CALS, and St. Leonard VFD quickly marked up and responded. Calvert Co Sheriff deputies on top of the bridge had a visual on the subject in the water drifting away from the bridge and was conveying her movement to the crews on land. The subject was drifting quickly due to high winds and fast moving current at the time. Chief 3 from Solomons VFD arrived on scene and established the command and coordinated multiple resources (MSP Aviation, US Coast Guard, CCSO, Zodiac(s) 3 & 7, and a DNR Police boat) to quickly try to locate the subject. Calvert 911 dispatchers worked hard and were able to patch all units into the same channel so that the Deputies could relay direct information to MSP aviation and the US Coast Guard FAST boat that was rapidly approaching the subject. Due to the unified command and communications being streamlined the subject was located and removed from the water by the US Coast Guard. The patient was transferred to the boat ramp under the bridge and care was turned over to DES and CALS medics (E. Rosenwald) for further treatment and transport to a local hospital in critical condition.

Units: Chief 3, Chief 10, EMS 20, SQD 3, Zodiac 3 & 7, M105 (D. Kush, E. Rosenwald) PA237, A239
Mutual Aid: US Coast Guard FAST Boat, MSP Trooper 7, DNR Police Boat, Calvert Co Sheriffs Office