What a Difference a Day Makes
By Chief of CALS Chris Shannon FTO
January 3, 2022

On Sunday 1/2/22 it was 65 degrees and overcast and then today 1/3/22 Winter decided to show in Calvert County. Who knew mother nature has a sense of humor and dropped 10-12 inches of snow across Calvert County. Members from CALS, Calvert DES, and all the other volunteer companies worked very hard to respond to all the calls for service that came through the 911 center. From buses on their sides to children being hit in the head by falling tree limbs, all calls were covered swiftly by the crews on the street without any injury to any responders. With the temperature dropping tonight please be aware of icy conditions across the region.

Units: Chief10, Chief 20, EMS20, Every ambulance in the county and multiple support units from every station.