CALS Assists with Remote Wooded Area Rescue
By Member
October 2, 2021

At approx 1200 on 10/01/21 units from Solomons and CALS were alerted for an injured subject after an ATV accident. Com3A arrived in the area with CHF10 and followed a dirt trail approx 2 miles back into the woods to a point where the vehicles would no longer fit. Crews then proceeded another few hundred feet farther down a steep embankment to locate the injured patient. Once located the patient was assessed and additional resources were requested. Due to the distance from the road and the size of the trail the "Gator" from Solomons was requested to assist with removing the patient from the wooded area. Crews from PA237 assisted with preparing the "Gator" on the roadway with all the needed equipment before riding back to help package and treat the patient. Due to the injuries sustained by the patient , MSP aviation was requested and asked to land on an adjacent farm in the area. Crews worked diligently to package and treat the patient in a difficult environment and to prepare her for the long ride out of the woods. Once removed from the wooded area the patient was transferred to PA237 for a short drive to a local farm, where MSP Trooper 7 had landed.

It is important to recognize that while these units were providing care to this patient, a second call was dispatched in the Solomons area for a Cardiac Arrest. Remaining crews that were at the station immediately responded to the arrest and provided care. Due to the multiple Solomons VFD units being committed on 2 serious calls, assistance from St-Leonard E72 was requested for the LZ.

Units: COM3A, PA237, Gator3, CHF10, E72, MSP TPR 7