Boat 10 Resonds to Serious Boating Accident in Solomons
By Chief of CALS Chris Shannon FTO
June 28, 2020

At approx 1500 hrs today Boat 10 was on the water in the Solomon's area when the the operator heard a "MayDAY" call on marine channel 16. The "Mayday" call reported a serious boating accident under the Thomas Johnson Bridge in Solomon's. Boat operator and Chief 10A S. Sturmer notified Calvert Control and responded to the scene and was on location in under 5 mins. Several boaters had watched the accident happen and the subsequent sinking of the watercraft and rushed to the boaters aid. Upon arrival of Boat 10, an off-duty paramedic from Charles Co had pulled the victim unconscious from the water onto another boat. Paramedics from Boat 10 joined the off duty medic on the larger vessel and were able to begin providing ALS care while en route to the docks. Once on land the patient was transferred to a Solomon's VFD ambulance for transport to the landing site.