Boat 10 Makes Water Rescue on First Mission of the Season
By CALS Member
May 15, 2020

At approximately 1600 today's date Boat 10 was in the Solomons area working on operator training when Calvert alerted Boat 10 for the boat in distress in the Chesapeake Bay. Initial reports were of a 21 ft pleasure craft with 4 souls on board taking on water in the bay. Boat 10 was able to respond in minutes and render aid to the boaters in distress. Boat 10 made sure all souls had life jackets and then began the process of securing the watercraft to be towed to safety. While in the process of securing the watercraft a second "Mayday" was called by another boat in the Solomons area. Boat 10 monitored the US Coast Guard call on Channel 16 and confirmed no life hazard at the second "Mayday" and asked Calvert to launch Boat 3 to assist with a boater stuck against the seawall on the Solomons Boardwalk. Boat 10 proceeded to tow the disabled boat into the safety of Solomons Harbor where the boat was turned over to Sea-Tow.