PMIC Flagged Down for Traumatic Incident
By Chief of CALS Chris Shannon FTO
May 11, 2020

At approximately 1300 today PMIC E.Geotz was delivering a medic unit to the shop when he was flagged down by a man on a golf cart. The citizen informed PMIC Geotz that a commercial zero-turn mower had rolled over on a kid just down the street. PMIC Geotz responded immediately, notified "Calvert" of the incident and arrived on scene in under a minute. Medic Geotz arrived to find a young male trapped under a zero-turn mower while several neighbors were trying to get the mower off of the child. The patient was found to be unconscious and not breathing initially, but as soon as the tractor was removed from the child he started to breath again. PMIC Geotz performed a rapid trauma assessment and called for a "trooper". EMS 20 and Chief 10 arrived shortly after and assisted PMIC Geotz and A69 with patient immobilization. The patient was transferred to the LZ by A69 and M101.

Units: Sqd2, A69, M101, EMS20, Chief10, CCSO, MSP Trooper 7