CALS Boat 10 Makes 2 Rescues During Training
By Chief of CALS Chris Shannon FTO
May 27, 2019

Since the idea of career EMS staff started to become a reality approx 2 years ago CALS has been looking for ways to diversify its service coverage. Many discussions were held as to possible options to pursue, but in the end the "Boat" idea made the most sense. Calvert County is a peninsula, their are several events on the water throughout the summer months and the addition of a boat staffed with ALS providers was received well by some of the BLS departments in the county. Work began in spring of 2018 on choosing the type of boat for the mission that CALS was looking for. Special events, near shore, shallow waters, large enough to place a patient in. Many of the current zodiacs in the county are just big enough for the crews they carry and not many are properly equipped to operate at night. CALS looked to Lt Pete Davekos and Chief 10B Adam Davies to assess several watercraft options, while Chief 10 worked on funding for the boat. Chief 10 was able to find two groups who together would cover the entire cost of the boat through "Grants", sadly one of the two grants fell through at the last minute and CALS was left with a choice. Return the grant funds of $25,000 or keep the funds and use other sources of funding to cover the other half. CALS chose to keep the grant money and move forward with the purchase of the boat.