Crash Witnessed by Medic Unit
By Member
August 19, 2019

At approximately noon today, Chief 10 was enroute to Prince Frederick to meet with other officers from CALS. While driving northbound on Rt-4 @ Broomes Island Rd a car decided to make the left hand turn across southbound Rt-4 onto Broomes Island Rd and failed to see a car traveling southbound. The two cars collided violently in the intersection and sent debris flying across several lanes of Rt-4. One car came to rest just south of the intersection while the other car careened off into the woods. Chief 10 quickly activated all his emergency lights and notified Calvert dispatch of the situation. Utility 10 (Capt Hiepler) who was southbound on Rt-4 in the vicinity of the office responded as soon as he heard the call go out, Medic 103 (PMIC Snyder, Intern Magnuson) also responded from the Prince Frederick area. Chief 10 and other motorist quickly began to render aid to the injured drivers until responding units could arrive on scene. Utility 10 arrived on scene approx 1 min after dispatch and took over care of the pri-2 patient, Solomons A37 (returning from CMH) assisted Utility 10 with patient care. Chief 10 assumed the command and M103 assisted U10 and Squad 2 while they worked on the vehicle down the embankment. St-Leonard A77 took over care of a priority 3 patient and transported them to a local hospital. Once the pri-2 patient was extricated from her car and moved to A37 a trooper was requested for a CAT-D flyout to PG Trauma. Squad 7 handled the LZ on Broomes Island Rd.

Units: Chief 10, Utility 10, M103, Chief 10C, A37, A77, Squad 2, Squad 7, CCSO, MSP Trooper 7