CALS Runs Rescue with Reported Entrapment
By CALS Member
March 19, 2019

At approx 1330 hrs today Calvert 911 began to receive several calls for an accident reported serious involving two trucks at the intersection of southbound Rt-4 @ White Sands Drive. Chief 10 clearing from CMH ER responded on the call. En route units were advised two trucks involved, with entrapment and vehicle on fire and that one of the trucks was a fuel delivery truck. As units responded more updates were given reporting trapped driver was being removed by bystanders on scene while others were working with extinguishers to put the fire out. A78 arrived on scene approx 3 mins after dispatch and reported no fire and the trapped driver removed from the vehicle. E71 arrived on scene and established command and held E71, SQD 3, A78, A38, and the Medic. Chief 10 arrived on scene and assisted the crew from A78 as they packaged there patient for transport via MSP Trooper 7 to PG Trauma as a pri-2 Cat-D. Amazingly enough the driver of the striking vehicle did not have any life threatening injuries.

Units: E71, A78, Sqd3, A38, Chief 10, MSP, CCSO,