CALS Responds to Second Jumper from Thomas Johnson Bridge Within 10 hrs
By Chief of CALS Chris Shannon FTO
January 20, 2019

In the early morning hours of Sunday 1/20/2019 Solomons VFD and the Medic Unit were alerted for a possible jumper from the TJB. A running car was located by Police at the top of the bridge which prompted the search. Solomons Boat 3 searched the frigid water for approximately 2 hours doing a standard grid search and juts as the crews (who were frozen due to low temperatures) were getting ready to call off the search for the night and resume in the am an object was spotted in the water. Originally thought to be a piece of Styrofoam it turned out to the a piece of clothing attached to the victim. The crew from Boat 3 quickly removed the subject from the water who was miraculously still breathing on her own but unconscious and brought her to shore where EMS units were waiting. Medic 103 (PMIC John Rigg & Paramedic Intern J. Wetzel) worked with the crew from A38 to quickly package the patient and begin the long transport by ground to PG Trauma due to weather conditions in the area. Despite all the heroic efforts of the crews from Solomons and the Medic Unit the patient sucumbed to her injuries on Monday 1/21/19.

Units: Boat 3, A38, M103
Mutual Aid: US Coast Guard, MD DNR, CCSO Boat 1