Medics Respond to Serious MVC in front of CALS
By Chief of CALS Chris Shannon FTO
December 5, 2018

On Wednesday afternoon 12/5/18 CALS and surrounding units were alerted for the motor vehicle collision reported serious in front of the "Medic Unit". First units on scene from Prince Frederick Rescue Squad reported, One off the road, down an embankment with entrapment, patient was deemed to be a pri-1 CAT A and aviation was requested. M103 (PMIC Mumper) was responding from the ER after clearing from another call and arrived on scene shortly after the Heavy Rescues from Co.6 & 7 arrived on scene and began the extrication. PMIC Mumper was assisted by off-duty PMIC's (both Joslyn's) that were en route to PF to run errands in their POV. The patient was removed quickly by crews from Co.6 & 7 and packaged and moved into A48 for further treatment. MSP Trooper 7 landed on the NB side of Route-4 and assisted with further treatment then transport to a local trauma center.

Units: M103, A48, E22, SQ6, SQ7, MSP Trooper 7