CALS Responds to a possible airplane crash
By Deputy Chief Kevin Jura FTO
May 18, 2017

On Tuesday, May 16th at approximately 1950 hours, the Calvert County Control Center put out a rescue box for a possible airplane crash in Company 7's first due. Deputy Chief Jura (10-C), PMIC E. Rosenwald (M101) and PMIC M. Krentsa (M103) responded to the call along with units from Companies 7, 2 & 4, the Calvert County Sheriff's Office and with mutual aid from Trooper 7, Charles County, St Mary's County and NAS Pax River.

The original caller advised that they saw the aircraft making some maneuvers before making a steep dive towards the ground and never returning to the field of view. Fire & Rescue personnel conducted a ground search while Trooper 7 conducted an aerial search of the area. Fortunately, after an exhaustive search of the area, it was determined that there was no crash. The aircraft had most likely pulled up from its dive and continued its flight out of view of the original caller.

Units: CHF 10-C, M101, M103, CCSO, CHF 7-B, CHF 2 (So Duty CHF), ENG 21, ENG 22, Squad 7, A49, A79, Gator 2, Trooper 7, Charles County, St Mary's, Mass Casualty Unit, & NAS Pax River