CALS runs serious MVC in Dunkirk
By Chief of CALS Chris Shannon FTO
April 28, 2017

At approx 1700 hours on Friday afternoon CALS was alerted with Dunkirk units for a serious motor vehicle collision at Rt-4 N @ Mt.Harmony rd. As units responded updates were being given that they had 1 vehicle on its side and on fire with people trapped. Units from Dunkirk arrived and quickly extricated the patients and began providing care. Car10 (K.Jura) and M101 (PMIC J.Seigel) arrived first as ALS providers and began ALS care for the two priority 1, category A patients. PMIC S.Myers arrived on E52, and Paramedic Ambulance 68 (S.Fitzgerald) both providers paired up with the other ALS providers already on scene providing care. Command identified a third patient that was a possible category A and requested AA PM42. With this update Chief 10 added himself to the call from the 2/4 split to assist the Anne Arundel unit. All 3 patient were medevac to local trauma centers via MSP Trooper 2 and USPP Eagle 4.

Units: E52, Squad5, A58,A68,AAPM42, CHF5,CHF5A,CHF10, Car10, M101, Trooper 2, Eagle 4
Aftermath of Rt-4 MVC
Aftermath of Rt-4 MVC