CALS responds to a 2 Alarm fire in Solomons
By Member
April 23, 2017

Only hours after the serious accident on Rt-4 the medic unit was back at it again. While enroute back home from a medical while covering crews cleaning up after the MVC, CHF10 heard the call for "Area Box" 301 in Solomons Island. CHF10 marked up from Rt-4 and Cove Point rd and arrived on scene with the first arriving units from Solomons, CHF10 established the command until the arrival of CHF3. CHF10 reported a working commercial fire heavy fire side alpha, assigning E34 and Trk3 fire attack. CHF 3 arrived minutes later and made the fire a second alarm and assumed command giving CHF10 fire attack. CHF10 worked with crews from E34, Trk3, E291 to make an aggressive attack on the fire. M103 (Paiva) was dispatched on the second alarm and assisted A38 with the medical group. 3 FF's were transported with minor injuries during the call. Units cleared at 0343 hrs.

Units: CHF10,CHF3, M103, E34,E31,E33, Trk3, A38, E291,E71,E72,E22,TWR2
Mutual Aid: E291,E273,E21, Sqd27,TRK21,E1002,E1005